CaDansa 2012!

After lots of successful balls in Utrecht, it was time for something bigger: the first balfolk festival in Utrecht. Cadansa! More bands, more dancers, more sessions, more festival atmosphere!

And this is the result:

From 16 till 18 november 2012 we will have a whole weekend (Friday 19h till Sunday 19h) of dancing until you drop! With the most beautiful music and your favourite dancers. What else do we need?

Good coffee, organic food, dance workshops, music workshops, jam sessions till the morning, yoga and a rain of falling stars? No problem, we will fix it for you.


CaDansa is sold out. You cannot order tickets anymore.

Of course, there will be lots of delicious things to eat and drink during CaDansa. You can find the menu here!

The sleep-over network is online on the website. Here you can find people who offer sleeping places in their houses. Occasionally new hosts offer spots in their houses, so check the site regularly and don't wait too long with applying for a place if you want one. If you haven't got a place yet and want to be assured of a good place to sleep and a regular bed, book a bed in one of the hostels.

Underneath the tab practical you can now find information about travel in Utrecht: buses, trains and bike rent. As buses and trains stop running some time after midnight, we advise you to rent a bike (or be prepared to walk a lot).

CaDansa is made possible by these funds, people and organisations!