The festival will take place in Utrecht (The Netherlands) at Theatre "De Musketon". Address:

Hondsrug 19
3524 BP Utrecht
The Netherlands


The Musketon is located in Utrecht Lunetten. Find it on Google Maps!

It's quite easy to park your car near the venue, and there's a train station closeby. The only problem is that trains and buses stop running at or shortly after midnight, so don't count on finding any bus or train at 4am. From the Musketon to the city centre is about a 4km walk (about 45 minutes), so you might want to look for alternative modes of transport. Read on for some suggestions!


The easiest is to rent a bike. You can find bike rental services at several spots in the city; at the main station's bicycle parking, but also at several other locations. You usually pay about €7,- a day for a basic bicycle (which is all you'll need really) and you'll probably have to pay a deposit of about €50,-. Bring your passport if you want to rent a bike. Here is a link to more info about bicycle hire shops.


Parking is free in the neighbourhood of the theatre.


  Sharing a cab is a relatively cheap option to get back to your sleeping place during the night. There are even free passes you can use to make sure a ride within town won't cost you more than €12,50 (in total).

You can find information about the Utrecht Taxi Company, and how to order the passes ("UTC key card"), here.


If you're staying at a hostel or with people in or near Utrecht, the Musketon might be reachable by bus too. You can check bus times at

Just keep in mind that the last buses leaves *early*: at around midnight, or half past midnight at the latest. So for getting home it's not the best option, unless you don't mind walking.

Also, for the bus you'll need an OV chip card - a chip card on which you can upload money (like the Oyster Card used in London and surroundings) and which you use to check in and out when entering a bus or train. You'll have to buy such a card for €7.50 and upload money on it.

For more information on travelling with the OV Chip card: (PDF document)


Station Utrecht Lunetten (4 minutes by train from Utrecht Centraal) is at walking distance from the theatre. The train ride to Utrecht Central Station takes about 5 minutes.

Though it's easy to get to the Musketon by train, it's more difficult to get back as the last train leaves at 00:42 - way before the last band has even started playing.

A one-way journey costs €2,10; if you happen to be travelling with Dutch balfolkies they might have a discount card and be willing to take you along; then you get a 40% discount and only pay €1,30. You can use the OV chip card (not handy if you want to travel along with other balfolkies as it doesn't calculate the discount; it'll assume you *don't* have a discount) or just buy paper tickets from the ticket machine. If you buy tickets at the ticket machine and want to pay with cash, make sure you have enough coins as the machine doesn't accept paper bills.

You can check train times at Here you'll also find more information about (train) travel in the Netherlands in general.