We're proud to present you a great line-up of the finest balfolk bands from our country and abroad - or so we think. ;-) Next to this there is a great variety of dance and music workshops.

Friday 16th of november

18:30 Doors open

19:00 - Dance instruction - Occitan dances by Koen Dhondt

20:30 - Bal with:

20:30 Triple-X (BE) »
Triple-X likes to play Breton tunes and has with those left quite an impression on folk festivals in the past few years. They got their name when playing, as a still nameless and impromptu trio, at a Dutch folk festival in 2006. They were referred to as ‘some Belgians’ and indicated with ‘XXX’ on the poster - and this name, ‘Triple-X’, stuck. The three young Flemish musicians played an energetic set, even though they hadn’t really worked on a full set of tunes yet. This initial gig made them hungry for more and they added a percussion player to the band, and later on a ‘semi-permanent guest musician’. With the five of them they play energetic balfolk music, although they don’t shy away from melodically meandering mazurkas.

Bert Leemans: accordion
Björn Van Hove: violin
Jeroen Geerinck: guitar
Ludo Stichelmeyer: percussion
Stéphane Hardy: bombard, saxophone

22:30 Duo Brotto Lopez (FR) »
In Duo Brotto Lopez, two friends for Occitania, have been reunited for better and for laughter.Brotto and Lopez, Cyrille and Guillaume, return with a vast repertoire of danceable tunes that has already proved its value in many dance festivals and dances, enriched with a few surprises.
Communicative energy and an endless groove turn every ball into a party. Their unique style, created by Lopez’ distinctive voice combined with Brotto’s virtuosity, is loved by all, both experienced dancers and novices.

Cyrille Brotto: diatonic accordion
Guillaume Lopez: flute, bagpipes, vocals

00:45 Duo Absynthe (FR) »
Duo Absynthe’s speciality is subtle dance music, such as the mazurka, of which they know dozens, but they just as easily play any other balfolk tune, such as contagious bourrées and polkas.
The two musicians are very popular at French festivals where they are known to play deep into the night till the first sun rays penetrate the darkness.

Aurélien Claranbaux: diatonic accordion
Sylvain Letourneau: guitar

02:45 - Jam session

Saturday 17th of november

From 11:00 dance and music workshops.

17:00 Bal with:

17:15 Naragonia (BE) »
The Belgian duo Naragonia creates quirky balfolk music with sophisticated but tough energy. Toon van Mierlo is a musical all-rounder who plays - among others - uilleann pipes, French bagpipes, clarinet, soprano saxophone, and diatonic accordion, whereas Pascale Rubens plays both the violin and the diatonic accordion. In this way the two create a large range of sounds that will entertain listeners and dancers alike.

"...It's pure quality, beautiful dance music, played a bit introvertly. This make their music a real pleasure to listen at home and to dance on at concerts. Fabulous interaction between the musicians, strong duets between the two accordions, sad violin, great gaita... Naragonia is one of Belgium's best kept secrets, time to conquer the world!" dixit Eelco Schilder van over de cd 'Janneke Tarzan'.

Toon van Mierlo: diatonic accordion, uilleann pipes, gaita, clarinet, soprano saxophone.
Pascale Rubens: diatonic accordion, violin

19:30 Lirio (NL) »
Lirio consists of three young musicians who have hijacked French, Flemish and Dutch dancing tunes and given it their own jazzy, energetic and vibrant twist. Using violin, accordion and bagpipes Lirio happily investigates the rhythmic, harmonic and melodic possibilities of traditional music, focussing on danceability. Lirio shows with acoustic instruments that traditional music can be enhanced with influences from rock and world music.

Wouter Kuyper: diatonic accordion, bagpipes
Gerdien Smit: violin
Sander van der Schaaf: guitar, percussion

21:00 FéO (FR) »
First there was nothing - and then there was FéO!
By chance, an avant-garde wise man, an authentic hard worker, a killer-teddy bear, a depressed dancer and a multitrack bellows met and caused the trad to be born here. Steeped in tradition and alive and kicking, these five mutants generate enough energy to convince even the most reluctant to dance.

FéO, le groupe qu'il vous faut! For Life!

Philippe Duval: flute
Benoit Roblin: hurdy-gurdy
Aurélien Claranbaux: diatonic accordion
Sébastien Janjou: guitar
Antonin Pauquet: double bass

23:00 Té (NL) »
Inspired by Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’, the Dutch collective Té creates its own musical wonderland. Energetic jigs, lazy waltzes, blazin’ scottishes and mad bourrées, are played in a virtuoso way by this tight group of friends. Like Carroll’s tale, the music is layered and colourful. Every melodic line is countered by surprising harmonies, dynamic changes and rhythmic variations. The musicians literally tease, chase and provoke each other and drag each other into a wild musical landscape from which their music can only escape in one way: to the dancers.

Sander van der Schaaf: guitar, percussion
Niek van Uden: accordion
Conny Essbach: clarinet

01:00 Jeff Caresse (FR/BE) »
Love is all you need!
This exciting trio will take you on a titillating tour, led by devilish accordion player Jeff, helped by Aurel’Amore’s tender pushing of the accordion’s mother-of-pearl and Baltikinky’s wistful strokes on the violin. Prepare for and surrender to a set that will shake your emotions, spike your senses and make you long for more.

Baltazar Montanaro (Baltikinky): violin, guitar
Sophie Cavez (Jeff Caresse): diatonic accordion, bass
Aurélien Claranbaux (Aurel'amore): diatonic accordion

02:30 - Mazurka battle, followed by jam session

Sunday 18th of november

13:00 - Bal with:

13:00 I Fratelli Tarzanelli (EU) »
I Fratelli Tarzanelli are Pablo Golder from Ghent, who lived in Italy for a while, and Baltazar Montanaro, a Belgian from Ghent with Hungarian roots who now lives in the south of France. Together they play music inspired by tradition in which they crush harmonies, grind traditional themes and give prominence to sensitivity, energy, improvisation and dialogue. Their universe has been made of doors they love to open...

A performance by the Fratelli is sometimes energetic, sometimes subtle, but always exciting, because they give each other room to improvise without making the music any less danceable. In terms of musicality you sometimes feel you’ve ended up next to a gipsy orchestra (Westmalle Triple), or that you’ve strayed into the soundtrack of a French film noir (Papa), or into a dramatic scene of an Italian maffia film (Caro fratello con voce). The violin is sometimes wildly psychedelic (Rossignolet), sometimes coarse (Scheys), sometimes nothing but a thin melody heard over the rhythmic diatonic accordion (La Voilà Kthée), but do expect a ragged edge to the more tranquil tunes too. [copied with permission from Ronald Rietman,]

Baltazar Montanaro: violin (from ZEF, Minuit Guibolles, Jeff Caresse)
Pablo Golder: diatonic accordion (from Los Pablos, The White Russians, Manimoen)

14:45 Bos 'n' Bass and Wouter Kuyper (NL) »
Armed with a double bass and a loop station, Katrien Bos dives into the world of mazurkas, scottishes, waltzes and bourrées. An exciting solo act!

Katrien Bos: double bass, loop station

Wouter Kuyper (NL) »
Wouter Kuyper plays the bagpipes, flute and diatonic accordion and finds inspiration in Flemish, French and Dutch (balfolk) music. When performing solo, he uses his diatonic accordion to play any kind of balfolk music, from exhilarating tunes to intimate and soft melodies. Most of the tunes he plays he wrote by himself. Wouter also plays in Lirio.

Wouter Kuyper: diatonic accordion

17:15 KV Express (BE) »
The frontwoman of the band, Sophie Cavez, plays accordion with two other bands: Urban Trad and Dazibao. However, neither of these bands played balfolk music, and Sophie wanted to make music for dancers for once. Based on that wish KV Express was formed. All tracks on the first album have been written by Sophie, who is accompanied brilliantly by Cédric Waterschoot on bass.

Sophie Cavez: diatonic and monochromatic accordion
Cédric Waterschoot: bass guitar

19:00 - End of hopefully a nice weekend so we can all go home very tired....


Next to plenty of dancing hours with the best music, you can join some workshops on saturday. All workshops cost 10 euro, except yoga and meditation - they cost 5 euro.

11:00 - 13:00

Dance workshop: Freedom in the Bourrée - Pierre Chesneau (advanced) »
For all those who have mastered the bourrée steps (the zin-zin), Pierre Chesneau offers an advanced class in variations on the bourrée de Berry (bourrée in two times). He will teach us how to play and improvise with this dance.

Music workshop playing together - Pascale Rubens (Naragonia) »
Difference scottish/andro - for all instruments. We do expect you to be reasonably proficient (semi-advanced / advanced) in playing your instrument. Indicate at the order form which instrument you play. Pascale plays diatonic accordion and violin in Naragonia.

Music workshop hurdy gurdy - Benoit Roblin »
Benoit plays electro-acoustic hurdy gurdy in FéO, Son e Bouc and Decibal. His way of playing is characterised by his energy and the groove that makes his music easy to dance to. Though he leaves space for improvisation you can find lots of traditional influences in his tunes. The workshop is meant for semi-advanced hurdy gurdy players who more or less know how to handle their instruments and how to play an easy (balfolk) tune.

Music workshop bagpipes - Toon van Mierlo »
Besides playing the saxophone and the diatonic accordeon, Toon can also tease the most wonderful tunes out of French, Flemish and Irish bagpipes. The workshop is meant for bagpipe players who are fairly proficient (semi-advanced / advanced) in playing their instrument.

11:00 - 12:00

Yoga - Danielle van Grieken »
Thanks to the dynamic and fluent way of yoga taught by Danielle you don't just strenghten the body and make it more flexible, but you also get into touch with it in a better way and learn to use it in all its aspects. Because of yoga's focus on deep breathing, a sharp focus, strong grounding, a good balance and decent coordination yoga offers the perfect accompaniment to dancing. Yoga also helps to strengthen your core and to ground your feet no matter what the upper body is doing, something which will improve your dancing skills.

12:15 - 13:15

Meditation - Danielle van Grieken »
"A relaxed mind is a creative mind"

'If you own your breath - nobody can steal your peace'. This Mindfulness Meditation focuses on breathing. Our breath is with us at all times and focussing your attention to your breath is a practical and powerful meditation technique that can help you to relax and to improve your awareness. During this session we will try out several techniques to focus on your breath so you can experience which way fits you best.

14:00 - 16:00

Dance workshop: leading and following - Rafael en Nele (semi-advanced) »
We usually dance together, but that takes a lot more than just doing the steps. And whispering 'and now, spin!' into your dance partner's ear isn't really the most elegant solution either. Rafael will teach us how we can learn to communicate with our bodies while dancing.

Dance workshop: Mazurka - Wen (beginners) »
Are you still struggling with the mazurka step? Do you always forget when you should and shouldn't put your foot down? Wen will teach the steps and practise them with you, and after a two-hour session you'll see that dancing the mazurka tonight has become a lot easier.

Music workshop playing together - Pablo Golder »
Difference waltz/mazurka - for all instruments. We do expect you to play your own instrument reasonably well. Indicate when applying which instrument you play. Pablo plays diatonic accordion in I Fratelli Tarzanelli and Manimoen.

Music workshop diatonic accordion GC - Sophie Cavez »
Sophie plays diatonic accordeon in - among others - KV Express and Jeff Caresse. The workshop is meant for diatonic accordion (GC or GC#) players who play the accordion reasonably well - on a semi-advanced / advanced level.

Music workshop violin: -Baltazar Montanaro »
Baltazar plays violin in, among others, ZEF, Jeff Caresse en I Fratelli Tarzanelli. The workshop is meant for violinists who play the violin reasonably well - on a semi-advanced / advanced level.

Massage workshop - Maarten Beets »
In 2 hours time we are going to relax and recharge by giving and receiving footmassages. We will do techniques which are not complicated, but playful, inspiring and easy to remember for your future dance and massage carreer. After the workshop your feet (and therefore your body and mind) will be ready and refreshed to dance!

All workshops will be in Dutch, unless the teacher doesn't speak Dutch - in that case, the workshop will be held in English. If it turns out many participants don't speak Dutch, the teacher may decide to hold the workshop in English. The programme for the music workshops isn't confirmed yet. If the workshop you have chosen is cancelled, you can switch to another workshop or get your money back. This also applies when a workshop is cancelled because there are too few participants. You may also apply for workshops after you've bought your tickets.