Cadansa is sold out. You cannot order tickets anymore.

A total of 300 places will be sold, with a limited number of day tickets. To make sure there's an even distribution in the number of day tickets sold, we may limit the number of day tickets we sell in one day; So day tickets may not be available for a day or two at times.The pre-sale ticket prices are as follows:

TicketPrice normalPrice reduction
Weekend (fri, sat, sun)€ 50€ 40
Friday€ 15€ 12
Saturday€ 25€ 20
Sunday€ 15€ 12
Music workshop€ 10€ 10
Dance workshop€ 10€ 10
Yoga or meditation€ 5€ 5

Weekend or daytickets are without workshops. You need to reserve these separately.The prices are pre-sale prices. The pre-sale will close on the 1st of November. If tickets are left at that time, these will be sold at the door.

For the reduced prices we apply the following rule: if you don't have much money to spend and the full price would be a reason not to come (you're a poor student, you're unemployed or you have just been robbed) then you can buy a ticket at the reduced price. However, the organisation does not make any profit; all money goes directly to the festival. So if you can afford the full ticket price it will be very welcome!

Presales Procedure

After filling out the reservation form, you'll receive instructions by email on how to pay. You should pay within two weeks, otherwise your reservation becomes invalid. When the festival is sold out, we'll put you on a waiting list based on order of application - not payment. You can buy more than one ticket, but you'll have to fill out a form for each ticket.

If the site crashes because everybody wants to buy a ticket at the same time, we request you to send an email to . Naturally you can't reserve a ticket this way if the site doesn't crash, nor can you reserve tickets before 1 September. And we will do our utmost to make sure the site doesn't crash.